In the Hawaiian language, the word liko has two meanings - to glisten as dew & to emerge as a new leaf or bud.


There’s a particular glow that emanates when one takes care of their needs - a soft, dewy and unfurling glow of taking care We offer presence-centered, unhurried bodywork with a soft focus on mindfulness; we cultivate a safe, open space so you can say hello to whatever is here for you now and simultaneously feel your body. Our deepest value is care, and our purpose is to extend it to you.



Carly Jensen is the Founder and Massage Therapist of Liko Bodywork. She studied a combination of somatic techniques, mindfulness and various modalities including Structural Integration at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork. She holds the philosophy that our bodies carry an innate understanding that, when discovered and listened to, can guide our lives in meaningful ways. Her work is an extension of this philosophy, and an offering to explore our body's postures, movements, and actions.

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